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30.06.2021by admin0

Carbon Fiber single-hoop paramotor frame FC 1

DTpropeller’s product line announces a new arrival: Carbon Fiber single-hoop paramotor frame FC 1.

The FC 1 is a result of the evolution of many years of experience in developing carbon fiber products for the paramotor industry. Successful engineering and technological solutions in manufacturing carbon fiber propellers found their application in creating a paramotor frame. This allowed us to create a comfortable and reliable product improved upon a classical design using modern light, high-strength materials.

Classic design

The development concept of the FC 1 is based on a classical shape of the paramotor frame, which

has proven to tolerate shock, loading, and also vibration and optimize a base rigidity.


All components of the paramotor frame (base, arms, and segments) are designed in accordance with aerodynamics principles to reduce air drag and increase efficiency.

The use of carbon fiber materials helped to produce lightweight parts with remarkable durability, high quality and an excellent aerodynamic profile.

Carbon S-arms

Our frame is equipped with in-house S-arms. These swing arms are made of carbon, which provides high load resistance, lightweightness and coupled with thoughtful design improve the pilot experience and the comfort in flights.

Carbon anatomic seat back

The anatomically shaped carbon backrest evenly distributes the load on the pilot’s back and

reduces vibrations, thereby ensuring maximum comfort even during long flights and active piloting.

Moreover, with this anatomic backrest there is no need to use the foam insert in the back of the harness and hence the all-up weight reduces by 300-400 gr.

Optimal balance

The FC 1 was equipped with all the necessary technology to balance the ultralight.

To compensate for the individual engine torques and to balance the paramotor, the frame has an ability to shift the points of swing arms suspension to 3 different positions allowing to calibrate the tilt angle, optimize the balance of the flight and improve comfort of the pilot.

Rapid assembly

The frame elements (rods, segments) are connected with the quick-split spring pins to simplify and quicken assemble and disassemble processes,

and more importantly, provide a safe and reliable foolproof assembling. The safety mesh surrounding the frame is made from ultra-strong Dyneema fiber.

The safety mesh is attached to the frame with cord. The replacement of mesh is easy and can be done with minimal effort and minimum tools.

Paramotor engine compatibilities

The FC 1 paramotor frame is designed to accommodate most paramotor engines. Please contact DTpropeller for further information on compatibilities.

Trike adaptation

The frame is adapted for installation on the DT propeller trike.


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Paddy Bullman
Paddy Bullman
This company is absolutely the singular best place to go for your propellers. Top Quality goods and service. The friendliest staff that will go out of their way to help with any requirements you might have. I had difficulty with delivery with one order, caused solely by 'customs' in Ireland. . . Nothing whatsoever to do with DT Propellers, yet the staff (especially Tania) bent over backwards to make sure my goods were delivered to me safely and soundly. This company is simple the Best if you want Quality, Service Value for money. . .read more
عبدالله حامد
عبدالله حامد
wow رائعة جدا منتجات جيدة وتقنية في العمل والأسعار بسيطة نأمل با هذا الأستمرار الجيد حظ سعيد لكمread more
Francesco Cubeddu
Francesco Cubeddu
Il tike Solo è costruito molto bene, è, leggero e ha un ottomo rapportomqualità/prezzo.
Fred Lamy
Fred Lamy
bonne qualité de fabrication, efficacité testée...Impeccable. Je recommande
Patrick McFarland
Patrick McFarland
Ordered a new prop for my RDM 100, it arrived quickly and the service I received was excellent!
Vincent O Brien
Vincent O Brien
Excellent service, really friendly and helpful. Very high-quality props at a good price.
Sinan Kaya
Sinan Kaya
Fast delivery, good quality, affordable prices and top communication. Highly Recommended!!
Michel Lahargou
Michel Lahargou
C'est ma deuxième hélice hélice DT tripale carbone réglable au sol. Que du bonheur : poussée, silence, absence de vibrations,poids, le tout à un prix plus que compétitif. Du travail très professionnel. Merci à toute l'équipe ! Michel.read more
Patrick Massenavette
Patrick Massenavette
réponse en français très rapide. Service au top.!
Rob Gooderham
Rob Gooderham
Excellent customer service and I would recommend them.
Jimmy Miau
Jimmy Miau
Hélice bois 125 cm pour PAP 125 impeccable Très satisfait du produit
Florian Willer
Florian Willer
Very happy with the propeller. Balancing is spot on, quick shipping and great service, and it looks awesome!
Rocco Leo
Rocco Leo
Александр Покидько
Александр Покидько
Tommy Gossett
Tommy Gossett
I have purchased 2 props and highly recommend DT Propellers. Great quality and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. (Plenty of thrust on my Walkerjet Simonini Mini 2 Plus)read more
Sliding Gillou
Sliding Gillou
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