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BENEFITS OF OUR CARBON PROPELLERSDTpropeller – uncompromising quality and effectiveness

22.03.2020by admin0

Pilots from different countries of the world choose products by DTpropeller for their high quality and performance. Our propellers are the result of the longstanding work in the production process improvement, development and testing of new blade profiles and designs.

Now DTpropeller produces a wide variety of propellers for ultralight aviation (paramotors, powered parachutes, weight-shift control aircrafts and ultralights):

  • 2-bladed carbon fixed-pitch propellers 125 and 130 cm in diameter intended for paramotor engines with the power ranging from 7 to 30 kW;
  • 3-, 4-, and 5-blade carbon ground adjustable pitch propellers from 125 to 165 cm in diameter suitable for engines with the power range from 10 kW to 52 kW.




  1. High-quality materials and technology

The propeller blades by DTpropeller represent a jointless construction (monocoque) with foam core. They are produced with RTM technology from 100% carbon fiber (without glass fiber) impregnated with epoxy resin under pressure what guarantees maximum strength of the blades with minimum weight. No decorative or additional coatings (lacquer, gelcoat) which cause weight increase are used. High quality of a blade surface is the result of precise molding technology and final polishing. All this permits to obtain aerodynamic cleanliness of the profile and perfect appearance, as well as preserves the unique structure of the carbon fiber visible on the glossy surface. The chemical composition of the epoxy resin used ensures UV resistance of carbon.

All materials used in the production of carbon blades are certified for aviation.


  1. Strength and durability

DTpropeller analyzed numerous feedbacks of pilots on composite propellers operation. Pilots expect that propellers not only withstand the stress in the routine operation mode (affected by the centrifugal force and vibrations) but also resist the mechanical stress when handled on the ground and in the process of transportation. For example, when the flying apparatus falls down accidentally, or when the propeller is accidentally pressed down with heavy equipment in the car trunk, etc.

DTpropeller managed to not only find a compromise between strength and weight but also achieved uncompromising strength with an excellent weight parameter. The blades by DTpropeller are at least 30% lighter than blades of typical composite propellers and 20% heavier than the lightest composite propeller blades of some well-known manufacturers.  However, the bending strength of blades by DTpropeller is considerably higher than that one of propellers made by other manufacturers.  A simple strength test of a serial blade and not of a purposely designed and produced blade is a demonstrative evidence of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCZCi8MgEjI . Will the lightest carbon blades, fiberglass blades or blades made of two halves glued together be able to pass this test?

The greater carbon layer thickness of blades by DTpropller improves surface characteristics like resistance to abrasion caused by dust, sand particles, water drops, what is essential for pilots flying from sandy ground and low over water.

User experience shows that, during the operation under such conditions, the leading edge of blades with thinner carbon layer is exposed to relatively fast and high wear up to uncover the inner foam core. To prevent this, manufacturers offer such additional option as metal leading edge protection, but in this case, the propeller price increases significantly.


  1. Perfect profile and design

Serious work on development and optimization of blade shape and its aerodynamic profile brought expected results: performance parameters of the propellers by DTpropeller are not only on par with global brands, but also often beat them. For example, Polini Thor 250 engine with a 130 cm 2-blade carbon fixed pitch propeller by DTpropeller has greater (˃ 2 kg gained) maximum static thrust than with a similar composite propeller of a well-known manufacturer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCR2DFdvjyY .

The presence of winglets on blades by DTpropeller improves the propeller performance and reduces the level of aerodynamic noise. The detailed review of the test results you can read in this article or see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fawof1QqjMA .


  1. Effective cooling

When the efficiency is high, the blade form also guarantees the effective cooling of the engine, which is crucial for engine service life extension and prevention of overheating damage (what is especially important for air-cooled engines).


  1. Propeller low weight

Propellers by DTpropeller weigh less than the similar products of most manufacturers. With low weight, the inertia moment is lower too, which means that:

  • the engine with such propeller is more dynamic, has better throttle response, hence, speed up faster;
  • such propeller is safer, thanks to reduced kinetic energy, in case of impact with equipment elements and body parts;
  • such propeller generates fewer vibrations, which makes a pilot feel more comfortable and extends the service life of the engine;
  • such propeller has a lower gyroscope torque and prevents twists.


  1. Precise balancing and one blade replacement

Propellers by DTpropeller are precisely balanced on a computerized bench what ensures smooth performance and absence of vibration. Balancing parameters of each blade are registered in the database.

In case of damage, it is possible to change only one blade. Each blade has a unique identification number on the basis of which the blade balancing parameters can be renewed. Having provided such number, the client receives a blade with identical parameters, which will suit the propeller perfectly.

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Paddy Bullman
Paddy Bullman
This company is absolutely the singular best place to go for your propellers. Top Quality goods and service. The friendliest staff that will go out of their way to help with any requirements you might have. I had difficulty with delivery with one order, caused solely by 'customs' in Ireland. . . Nothing whatsoever to do with DT Propellers, yet the staff (especially Tania) bent over backwards to make sure my goods were delivered to me safely and soundly. This company is simple the Best if you want Quality, Service Value for money. . .read more
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عبدالله حامد
wow رائعة جدا منتجات جيدة وتقنية في العمل والأسعار بسيطة نأمل با هذا الأستمرار الجيد حظ سعيد لكمread more
Francesco Cubeddu
Francesco Cubeddu
Il tike Solo è costruito molto bene, è, leggero e ha un ottomo rapportomqualità/prezzo.
Fred Lamy
Fred Lamy
bonne qualité de fabrication, efficacité testée...Impeccable. Je recommande
Patrick McFarland
Patrick McFarland
Ordered a new prop for my RDM 100, it arrived quickly and the service I received was excellent!
Vincent O Brien
Vincent O Brien
Excellent service, really friendly and helpful. Very high-quality props at a good price.
Sinan Kaya
Sinan Kaya
Fast delivery, good quality, affordable prices and top communication. Highly Recommended!!
Michel Lahargou
Michel Lahargou
C'est ma deuxième hélice hélice DT tripale carbone réglable au sol. Que du bonheur : poussée, silence, absence de vibrations,poids, le tout à un prix plus que compétitif. Du travail très professionnel. Merci à toute l'équipe ! Michel.read more
Patrick Massenavette
Patrick Massenavette
réponse en français très rapide. Service au top.!
Rob Gooderham
Rob Gooderham
Excellent customer service and I would recommend them.
Jimmy Miau
Jimmy Miau
Hélice bois 125 cm pour PAP 125 impeccable Très satisfait du produit
Florian Willer
Florian Willer
Very happy with the propeller. Balancing is spot on, quick shipping and great service, and it looks awesome!
Rocco Leo
Rocco Leo
Александр Покидько
Александр Покидько
Tommy Gossett
Tommy Gossett
I have purchased 2 props and highly recommend DT Propellers. Great quality and craftsmanship at a reasonable price. (Plenty of thrust on my Walkerjet Simonini Mini 2 Plus)read more
Sliding Gillou
Sliding Gillou
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