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We make 2-blade fixed-pitch wooden laminated propellers for different models of PPG engines, diameter  90 - 131cm.   You can see photos of our propellers here. Our propellers are designed using special software which creates 3D models for woodworking CNC Router and are made of hardwood (birch, oak, ash-tree and beech). The production of propellers includes the following steps:

  • we make laminated wood blocks (we use two-component wood glue D4) which have from 3 to 5 layers depending on the prop’s model ;
  • propellers are cut by multi axis CNC Router;
  • propellers are precoated and grounded (this process is repeated three times) and, what is important, the primary balancing begins during this step;
  • 2 coats of varnish are applied (we use a high gloss varnish with extra durability, resistant to oils, grease and climatic conditions, containing an ultra violet filter);
  • propellers are balanced  and fixation holes are made on your demand;
  • propellers are polished with special wax to improve aerodynamics.

   The professionally made choice of wood gives to our propellers optimal weight, solidity and elasticity. Transparent varnish underlines the unique and natural beauty of the wood. Precise geometry and excellent polished surface improve aerodynamic characteristics of our propellers.

Our test stand is set-up to give very accurate thrust readings and helps us determine which blades work best for the various engine ratio combinations.

The standard models of our propellers are suitable for the following motors.  For other motors please contact us directly.

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Latest news

  • propeller for Moster 185

    We conceived a special propeller for Moster 185. The results of preformed tests showed that our propeller is compatible with this engine and insure  good cooling. During the tests we compared our propellers to propellers of some other manufactures (a Helix glass fiber prop and a Vittorazi wooden propeller for Moster 185).

    You can see the results of the tests on our youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtC3m5Sj1WtbWzPaOsY7TRg

  • Paramotor trike

    We are to glad to present you our paramotor trike. For the best solidity-to-weight ratio the trike is made of stainless steel, steel and aluminium. It weights 14 kg.


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