Price, in euro 


2-blades fixed-pitch wooden laminated propeller, diameter 90-131 cm




2- blade  desassembled carbone propeller, diameter 130 cm




2-blade ground adjustable pitch carbone propeller, diameter 115 cm 



2-blade ground adjustable pitch carbone propeller, diameter 125 cm 


2-blade ground adjustable pitch carbone propeller, diameter 130 cm 

   2-blade ground adjustable pitch carbone propeller, diameter 140 cm   260
   2-blade ground adjustable pitch carbone propeller, diameter 150 cm   280
   2-blade ground adjustable pitch carbone propeller, diameter 160 cm  300 
 4. 3-blades ground adjustable pitch propeller, diameter 115 cm  290
  3-blades ground adjustable pitch propeller, diameter 125 cm  290
  3-blades ground adjustable pitch propeller, diameter 130 cm  339
  3-blades ground adjustable pitch propeller, diameter 140 cm  360
  3-blades ground adjustable pitch propeller, diameter 150 cm  379
  3-blades ground adjustable pitch propeller, diameter 160 cm  399





paramotor trike (alu-carbone)


paramotor trike (stainless steel)

  tandem paramotor trike  750


wooden propeller clock




propeller cover for 2-blade prop, 115-130 cm



propeller cover for 3-blade prop, 115-130 cm



propeller cover for 3-blade prop, 140-163 cm




to paint propeller black (imitation of carbon fiber)or any other color




to put protective film on the leading edge



 Payment terms

The payment is made via bank transfer (with banking fees and charges) or online with a bank card using the system of secured online payments Bepaid (without any additonal fees or charges) ( To pay by bank card be sure that your card can be used internationally for online transactions\purchases or ask your bank or card issuer. We accept payment by Visa, Master card. 

The payment by bank card is done at the secured page of the payment processing company Bepaid. This page complies with the PCI Data Security Standards Level 1 and with high grade 256-bit encryption. The interface is in Russian, English, Spanish, Turkish, German, Italian, French and Chinese languages ( 

For your convenience please keep all online payment messages.

After online payment you will recieve a notification e-mail confirming your transaction. Please find here below a sample of payment confirmation document.



Delivery terms and conditons

The delivery and package are not included in the price of a prop and are paid extra. The cost of delivery depends on the quantity of your order and country of destination. 

All international parcels will be shipped via tracked Priority Mail.

The regular delivery time for propellers that are in stock, varies from 7 to 15 days.  If the prop is not in stock, we need up to 7 days to make it ready  (for two-blade monoblock wooden propellers),  up to 10 days ( for 2- and 3 -blade glass fiber propellers) and up to 15 days ( for three-blade ground adjustable pitch wooden propellers).

Our package (double boxes made of five-layer corrugated cardboard) is safe and protects propellers from breakage. Also we secure additionally the tip on the propeller by closed-cell high-density extruded polystyrene foam.

Documents to be provided with the parcel: contract, invoice

Shipping Damage

All merchandise is shipped insured (if the regulations of the country of destination permit it). Inspect the parcel during the reception and if a prop is damaged, start the claim process immediately. The claim procedure varies from country to country, therefore for further information, please, address to your local post service.  

 Return and exchange policies

If you are dissatisfied with your order, propeller must be returned within 14 days of purchase for exchange. Propeller must be in new condition and in original box. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer. We reserve the right to deny any return due to reasons of fraud, unfairness, cheating.

If the propeller is incorrectly shipped due to our errors, we will pay postage to return the propeller to us and to ship a new propeller to the customer.

If the client notices any deterioration of the propeller, he\she must contact us immediately by phone or by e-mail and propeller must be returned within 14 working days.  The deterioration must not be due to misuse, accident, shock, poor take off, flying or landing technique and etc.

Our product is not subject to a mandatory certification.

We don’t repair propellers, because only transportation fees, without adding repair costs, constitute 50% of the price of a new propeller. 

Email privacy policy

We will not share your private information with any other company.

We will send you an email notification when we receive your order, when we receive your bank wire.

You also will receive an email notification when your order has shipped and to be sure of the reception of the parcel.

We also keep your email correspondence on file so that we may better serve you should you have additional questions in the future.


Latest news

  • propeller for Moster 185

    We conceived a special propeller for Moster 185. The results of preformed tests showed that our propeller is compatible with this engine and insure  good cooling. During the tests we compared our propellers to propellers of some other manufactures (a Helix glass fiber prop and a Vittorazi wooden propeller for Moster 185).

    You can see the results of the tests on our youtube channel:

  • Paramotor trike

    We are to glad to present you our paramotor trike. For the best solidity-to-weight ratio the trike is made of stainless steel, steel and aluminium. It weights 14 kg.


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