Since our creation in 2009 our commitment has been to offer safe, efficient, quality propellers at a price that is affordable to the general buying public.  The activities and behaviour of DTPROPELLER are based upon three fundamental principles, deeply intertwined: responsibility, quality, honesty.

DTPROPELLER considers itself directly responsible towards clients who use products manufactured, packaged and controlled by its personnel.

Focal point of our activities is customer satisfaction. Therefore we are committed to insure the high quality for all products and services.

DTPROPELLER answers for honesty, confidentiality and transparency in customer relations.

With that in mind, we offer our selection of two-blade monoblock , three-blade ground adjustable pitch wooden propellers  and 2- 6 -blade carbon propellers for a wide range of paramotor engines.

If you have any questions, need additional information or just to share with us your thoughts, suggestions please do not hesitate contact us!

Thank you for your interest in our product.


Latest news

  • propeller for Moster 185

    We conceived a special propeller for Moster 185. The results of preformed tests showed that our propeller is compatible with this engine and insure  good cooling. During the tests we compared our propellers to propellers of some other manufactures (a Helix glass fiber prop and a Vittorazi wooden propeller for Moster 185).

    You can see the results of the tests on our youtube channel:

  • Paramotor trike

    We are to glad to present you our paramotor trike. For the best solidity-to-weight ratio the trike is made of stainless steel, steel and aluminium. It weights 14 kg.


Contact information

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The date of registration is the 29 of April 2015.
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